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Counseling and Therapy in Naperville, IL

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About Us

Since 1983, Lake Cook Behavioral Health has provided qualify counseling and therapy to individuals, families, and children. Our Naperville therapists goal is to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for you to help you thrive and grow. Get matched with a qualified therapist to work together to meet your goals.

Ways We Can Help

Focus areas of our therapists

Individual Therapy

Lake Cook Naperville works with individuals and we have a variety of therapists that can help you work on your goals depending on the approach you prefer, or the nature of the issues you are struggling with. Our staff can assist in matching you with the best therapist in Naperville based upon what you struggle with, and who you might best connect with.

Therapy with Children

The therapists at Lake Cook provide therapy for children and adolescents. Whether through activities, play, or with our certified art therapist, our Naperville therapists are skilled at meeting their unique needs. We also focus on coordination and integration of parents in therapy to help reach your goals.

Couples Counseling

Working with couples requires a unique set of skills and attention. Therapists at Lake Cook Naperville provide couples counseling to address conflicts, closeness, intimacy, or other therapeutic goals related to connecting couples more closely

Therapy in Spanish

Lake Cook Naperville has a Spanish speaking, bilingual therapist on staff. Whether focusing on racial identity, immigration issues, or just feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish, we have a therapist that can help.

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