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More Details

Looking for more information about the work that we do? This is a collection of all the questions we are asked most often, listed here for your convenience. If there is anything we didn’t cover, please let us know.

Do you take my insurance?

Lake Cook Behavioral Health takes most major insurances including Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare (Optum). Note that we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid at this location. Also please note that some therapists may not accept United Healthcare depending on their licensure status.

How do I make my first appointment?

To make your first appointment, either contact us using the Contact page, or you can reach out any any individual therapist directly.

Do you provide in person or telehealth therapy?

Lake Cook Behavioral Health provides both in person as well as telehealth therapy. Although we believe that the most effective therapy is often done in person, schedules, location, and other factors may make telehealth a great option when deciding to work with a therapist. All of our therapists are practiced and adept at telehealth therapy and can walk you through how to connect with us.

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